Located at Suburban Water Gardens
211 Burrs Lane
Dix Hills, Long Island, NY 11746

The Koi greenhouses, and bonsai greenhouses are open for tour.  Suburban has over 450 tropical and hardy bonsai on display.  The outdoor Koi ponds are always ready for your viewing and enjoyment.  

Offering a large variety of unique bonsai trees, bonsai containers, bonsai mixes, tools and accessories for the bonsai enthusiast that can easily be ordered online at our new Bonsai Website,

POND TOUR - Please view our pond tour showing the many pond designs we have completed. (File size 12.6 Mb, broadband recommended).. Should you not be able to view the video to the left, we offer our pond tour in 3 different formats for your viewing convenience.



We specialize in high quality Koi.  We are importers of high quality Japanese Koi. Carrying a large selection of Koi including the most popular varieties Showa, Sanke, Kohaku and even GinRin and Butterfly Koi. Come see our large selection of Japanese Koi Offered in a large size range and at reasonable prices.



You won't believe this. You check out our pricing on Aquamats and you'll think there's a misprint. Really. We're less than half of the regular wholesale on these. Dealers welcome.




Polaris Pumps - Designed with Long Island in mind. Electricity is expensive in many parts of the USA. Long Island is a prime example. The Polaris is a low amp pump with 5 different models with flow rates from 2700 gallons per hour to 10,500 gallons per hour, including 1 ½”, 2”, and 3” ports.


We are worldwide distributors for the 6” diameter stainless steel ultraviolet lights – EP series (EP5-EP10-EP20-EP40) including all replacement parts.  We also carry the 4” diameter stainless stell EA (EA5-EA10-EA20-EA40) series and all replacement parts.

We also manufacture all replacement parts for the 6” diameter optima UV1-5, UV1-10, UV1-20, UV1-40.  We also manufacture all replacement parts for the 3” diameter pond star series PS5, PS10, PS20, PS40.


Aquadyne Bead Filter - Perhaps the most well established bead filter in the industry with an incredible reputation. The filter in use at Dr. Johnson's house, and the homes of many other advanced Koi keepers.




Fittings - We are so proud of our assortment of fittings, drains and pond construction materials.  Be sure to check both categories of "Drains, Pipe & Fittings" but also the "Pond Construction Category".




View a short video showing how effective Enviro Tablets are for keeping a pond clean and healthy by controlling algae and improving the quality of the pond water. Enviro tablets will be available this spring.

For more information on Suburban Water Gardens you can contact us through our website by clicking here, or you can email us at or give us a call at 631-643-3500.