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Fernco Couplings/Clamps

Fernco Couplings/Clamps

Durable and long lived, with stainless steel clamps, these accommodate most pipe, and are flexible to irregular applications.

Fernco Couplings - We supply Fernco couplings to make the union of the Vortex filtration systems more accomodating. These couplings feature stainless steel clamps instead of the customary metals clamps. Also, they bend and stretch instead of breaking in the event that the ground around your filter were to settle slightly. We have used these for years and have had no failures due to exposure to fish medications, salt, etc.

Reducing Fernco Rubber Couplings are the coolest thing. They start one size, and end another size. They are flexible and long lasting. We bury these in installations and never worry that they are going to break down. They are the best, by brand, in the industry. When sizing, note that the notation 2" x 3" Coupling means that one end of the reducing bushing is 2 inches and the other end is 3 inches. There is no "right or left" handed bushing so you can reduce or enlarge using these fittings as needed.

Fernco Rubber Endcaps. Lots of times you're working with polyethylene pipe, or some other non standard piping that won't take a universal PVC cap. This is where the Fernco Rubber End Caps come in. Or, let's say that RIGHT NOW you don't have a need for one of the outlet ports on a Vortex Series 750. So you want a cap on there which you could concievably remove later. Well, that's what these caps are for. Solid, but temporary cappage of ports for future use.

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