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Koi Nets

Koi Nets

Koi nets MUST only be used to guide Koi into a Koi bowl. Then, with the use of a Koi sock net, the Koi can be removed from the pond for transport. ""This net is the 15" Koi net with the 18" handle. It's great for smaller ponds and favored by retailers in their tanks, because in close-quarters the handle won't swing out and knock someone's hat off!

This is the 20" Koi Net with the 36" handle.""

""This is the 20" Koi Net with the 4ft to 8ft Telescoping Handle. This is the one we'd recommend for the normal pond owner, combining price and function.

""When you get the 25" and 30" diameter Koi nets, you get the net, and you need to buy the handle separately. These big honker nets are for the pros, or people with big ponds. The long handles are nice. But when fully extended these handles get a little springy. If you think you want a long reach, buy the longest pole possible and use it at it's shortest setting for the best rigidity.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER carry a fish in ANY net except a Koi Sock or you will completely fray the fishes' pectoral fins and wipe out a fair number of scales.

These nets are made in America by Nycon Manufacturing.

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