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Pond Liner - Thick .45 mil EPDM Rubber

Pond Liner - Thick .45 mil EPDM Rubber

Liner can be had in any width up to 50’ wide x 100’ long. Any larger size liner required would simply be glued and taped together. On many occasions, we have installed ponds up to several acres in size without experiencing any leaks. Our EPDM pond liner is both fish friendly and protected from the ultra violet radiation of the sun unlike roofing rubber, which contains copper, which is highly toxic to Koi and not stabilized against the ultra violet rays of the sun. Roofing robber can take from several months to a few years to come into solution in the pond water and kill fish. Also the top foot or so of the liner, will completely break down over a short period of time and completely disintegrate due to being exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun. Roofing rubber is a serious problem to Koi ponds, not only to the Koi mortalities that it causes, but because of the great expense involved in removing and replacing all the rocks and waterfall surrounding the pond prior to replacement with a proper fish friendly pond liner.

45 mil EPDM Pondliners are economical and easy to install. This heavy duty black material has a 20 year limited warranty and is FISH-FRIENDLY. This liner is easy to work with, even in the most extreme temperatures. The only liner we are going to offer you is the venerable and number one liner in the world, it's the thick, fat rubbery .45 mil liner you can hardly tear. It resists sunlight, heat, chemicals and time. Permilon and PVC liner are BIG let downs, I am speaking from experience!

With EPDM Pondliner you can make your pond any size, shape, or depth, and still keep a "natural" look. We recommend your pond be as deep as possible. Use the directions below to determine the size liner you need.

Never try to use a slightly smaller liner; It is much better to trim off a little excess than to come up short.

WARNING: Be sure the liner you use is fish safe.

TIP: When designing your water feature be sure to make it big enough to satisfy you; No pond enthusiast ever said, "I wish my pond was smaller!"

What size liner do I need?

Use this method to determine the size liner you need:

Measure the maximun length (L), width (W), and depth (D). All in feet.

Double the depth of the pond and add 4 feet (this is to accommodate the rocks of the top perimeter). For example:

pond length 12’
pond width 8’
pond depth 4’
double the depth = 8’
add 4’ = 12

12 equals the base number. Add base number to the length of the pond. Liner needs to be 12 + 12 = 24’ long. Add the same 12’ to 18’ width. Width of liner needs to be 20’ long. Wha-la! A 20’ x 24’ liner would be required to construct a pond 12’ long x 8’ wide x 4’ deep.

Note: a pond that is 8’ x12’ almost a hundred sq. ft x 4’ deep would equal approximately 400 cu. Feet x approximately 7.5 gallons per cubic foot equals approximately 3000 gallons.

Extremely important – the first time you fill your pond after construction, it must be filled using a water meter to know the exact pond volume.


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