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Koi Pond Installation - Koi Pond Video

Koi Fish require the finest filtration to live a healthy life. Do not be fooled by sub-standard pond installation that do not purify the koi pond to the highest standard. At Suburban Watergardens and Suburban Koi we do it right.

The video is a complete overview of Koi ponds and Koi fish.

Koi Pond Installation

At Suburban Watergardens and Suburban Koi we have years of experience installing, stocking and supporting people with the wonderful hobby of Koi fish.

Bob Bon Giorno, VP pf Suburban Watergardens, is a living legend in the United States Koi Industry. Bob has ben mentored by some of the finest Koi experts in Japan and has been trusted with many age-old secrets that are protected by generations of Koi breeders.

In addition to being an expert on Koi fish, Bob Bon Giorno is also a pioneer in a multi-stage pond filtration system that takes up less space and purifies water to a higher standard than traditional pond filtration systems.

A good Koi fish is a treat to have in a pond and with the right filtration system and care, the fish can be given the right conditions to live a long and healthy life.

The wrong pond setup can endanger the life and health of your fish due to:

- Toxins in the water

- Predators around the pond

- Chance of freezing

- Lack of oxygen in the water

  • Disease

Featured above is a full Koi Pond video that includes an overview about:
Part 1 – Introduction to Koi Ponds
Part 2 – Setting up a Koi Pond
Part 3 – Biological Filtration
Part 4 – Overview of Suburban Watergardens and Koi Pond Overviews
Part 5 – Biological Filtration
Part 6 – Using Air Stones in Ponds – Do’s and Dont’s
Part 7 – Choosing Koi
Part 8 – Goldfish and Goldfish Ponds
Part 9 – Feeding Koi
Part 10 – Koi Health
Part 11 – Choosing Boulders
Part 12 – About Suburban Watergardens
Part 13 – In Closing Reflection on Koi as a hobby

POND TOUR SLIDESHOW VIDEO  - Please view our pond tour showing the many pond designs we have completed. We have been installing ponds for a long time so many of the pictures were taken with old-time film. 

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